Football Fever = Divorce Fever

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

Around football season, basketball season, and summer season (as in fishing or golf), I often see a slight uptick in divorce cases.  I can only assume this is because the wife is usually left alone or ignored too much during the gaming seasons.  I am a divorce lawyer, not a therapist, but from experience, I can tell you that an already bad or shaky marriage gets worse, when a husband is otherwise distracted by… fill in the blank… football, basketball, fishing or golf. 

These are generally guy activities which men do with other men, and often don’t include the wives.  Also, the wives generally don’t want to be included, but that doesn’t change the dynamics of the marriage.  If there is an underlying current of familiarity or contempt, to the point of being room mates or worse, as in beer driven domestic violence, marriages can get pretty ugly.

While husbands are looking at the TV, Wives look at the piles of laundry, bills or garbage left in the kitchen, and have had enough.   After all, they work all week too, and also need a distraction.  Nothing like learning or knowing your rights from a divorce lawyer as a good distraction and alternative.  For more information about how divorce can effect you, call one of the divorce lawyers at ROBIN ROSHKIND, P.A. at 561 835 9091 or click on the Firm’s web site at   



The Business of Divorce, Where a Business is Involved. Now may be the right time!

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire,  West Palm Beach, Florida

With many businesses faultering, income down, credit tightened, and the bad economy, NOW might just be the right time to divorce.  Here’s why:

Take a husband who owns a car dealership, for example, and he is married to a stay at home wife.   Car sales have tanked, customers can’t get credit and income is way down for him.   It is a much better time now for him to get a divorce than it was a year and a half ago when business was booming.

Or take the example of a working wife who was the major breadwinner of the family, working as a mortgage broker two years ago.  She might have been pulling in a six figure income witih large bonuses back then. Now she is out of work.  If this was a long term marriage, as a working mortgage broker earning quite a nice living, she might have been on the line for alimony to the husband.  Now she has no  job and now is the time for her to divorce.

Of course every marriage is different.  But there are some details to think about:

1.  The length of the marriage.

2.  The relative incomes of the parties.

3.  Who is the breadwinner of the family.

4.   Who was the breadwinner of the family.

5.  Small business owners doing poorly can benefit by divorcing now, rather than waiting for the economy to pick up.

6.  There is less to fight over.

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