After The Divorce Is Final…A Checklist

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

The divorce process is full of details, stress, and decisions.  After the divorce is final, you and your divorce lawyer cannot drop the ball and ignore performance under the terms of the final judgment.  Below is a checklist of possible tasks in a hypothetical divorce case:

1.  Record any quit claim or real estate property deeds.  Make sure they are signed by both the husband and the wife, witnessed properly, with proper legal descriptions, and notarized.  Otherwise the recording department at the courthouse will not accept transfer of title on real property.

2.  Roll over any retirement plans by having a qualified domestic relations order QDRO prepared and signed by the judge in your case, and properly approved by the retirement plan administrator.

3.  Change titles to cars, boats or other vehicles by properly executing title documents.

4.  Open new bank accounts, stock accounts, annuities or other investment accounts in your name only.

5.  Cancel joint credit cards, cell phone accounts and the like and open new ones in your name only.

6.  If you are the one staying in the home, transfer utilities to your name only.  If you are the one leaving the marital home, notify the utility companies to remove your name from these accounts.

7.  Change the beneficiaries on your life insurance and other testimentary documents.

8.  Wives need to get certified copies of the final judgment of divorce from the courthouse to change your name on drivers licenses, passports and other legal documents.

9.  Once the dust settles, re read your final judgment to make sure you and your now ex have complied with all its terms.   If your spouse refuses to comply or simply won’t comply with its terms timely or by deadline dates, let your divorce lawyer know.  The lawyer can file a motion for contempt or a motion to enforce a court order against your ex.

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