During Divorce, Do NOT Take Children Away…

by Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

If you are in divorce proceedings in Palm Beach County, and wish to take your children away to visit family or on vacation for the holidays, or simply wish to relocate across state lines, do not take the children away, without the express  knowledge  of and written permission of the other parent, or if that is not obtainable, without a court order.

If you do, the other parent, reasonable or not,  can have legal cause to fight you for what is now called majority time sharing but what is, de facto, custody.

Unless you have sole decision making legally regarding your children, you must consult and consider the other parent or you become the wrongdoer with consequences.

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What Is A Parenting Coordinator?

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

A parenting coordinator is a trained, court appointed social worker who can help parents reach an agreement as to what time sharing schedule is in the best interests of the child/ren.  This person can also address issues between divorcing parents as to who takes the children to the doctor, who picks up from school, who provides sports equipment for after care programs, and also can assist the parents in making decisions about which programs the children shall participate in and who pays the fees, uniforms, equipment, etc.

Parenting coordinators take the caseload off the divorce court judge, who generally does not want to micro manage the lives of litigants.  They assist in decision making, so that the parents can get along better and have a third person’s opinion.  It is not binding, just helpful.

Where parents have trouble communicating, or have competing interests with each other, a parenting coordinator can point out that it is the child’s interests that should come first.  Like a mediator, a parenting coordinator helps resolve parenting issues that can then be reduced to a court order by agreement of the divorcing parents.

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Parenting while going through a divorce…it’s not easy.

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

When you are going through a divorce, there are lots of changes you, your spouse and the children must go through.  We divorce lawyers call it “families in transition”.  It is very difficult to meet the needs of your children when you, yourself are an emotional wreck. 

Divorces are not pretty even under the best of circumstances.  It is difficult to  imagine getting along with your spouse especially at a time like this.  Because you and your spouse are at odds, haggling over money, property, even a business, the disputes and dislike carry over to dealing with the kids.  This is where co-parenting kicks in. 

Ideally, if divorcing couples can agree on only one thing, it should be cooperation when it comes to the children.  But what I often see in my practice is spouses using the children to get a leg up on the other spouse.

Children are used as pawns, as negotiating tools, as vehicles of spite, for leverage, as messengers, and worse.  Sometimes spouses divorce the children too, especially where there is a new family in the making.

This is very sad for innocent children who want their parents to get back together so they can have a life they are used to, whether it was good or bad. 

The courts in Palm Beach County have trained parenting coordinators to set up time sharing and resolve issues between parents regarding school work, after care, sports, travel, budgeting.  It is wise for parents to do all they can to put the best intersts of their children first and foremost as a priority.  Lawyers, mediators, social workers and therapists are all available for professional assistance in reaching resolutions to problems with parenting and children. 

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