Two Reasons To Head To A Divorce Lawyer

by Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

As a practicing divorce lawyer for more than 14 years, I find some common themes.  I want to share these to see if they apply to my readers.  In my opinion, there are two reasons marriages break down:

Loss of respect and loss of trust.

From these, all other things follow, that most people incorrectly label the “cause” of their divorce: infidelity, in law problems, lack of communication, lack of intimacy, extended family problems, sex or lack thereof, money problems, mental abuse, domestic violence, secrecy, spying, stealing, destruction of property, power struggles, discipline of children or lack thereof, not taking responsibility and the list could go on and on.

Once a marriage falls apart due to either the loss of respect or the loss of trust, it is very hard to put it back together.  For more information about this or other divorce topics, call one of the divorce lawyers at ROBIN ROSHKIND, P.A. at 561 835 9091 or click on the Firm’s web site at for more information.

Can You Live Together While Getting Divorced?

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

Can divorcing couples live together while getting divorced?  It might sound ridiculous, but it happens, mostly out of fear of abandonment accusations or to conserve finances.   While there is no abandonment statute in the State of Florida, it is cheaper to have one household than two.

So for couples who want to or need to tough it out until one or both have to relocate outside of the marital residence, here is some advice:  if the house is large enough to not get in each other’s way, stay together…if the divorce is amicable, if there are no boyfriends or girlfriends in the picture, stay together.  If there is no intense anger or domestic violence, stay together.  But be forewarned:  the togetherness may spawn violence, mental abuse, or other unbearable behavior from your spouse due to the divorce pending and the circumstances.

A good general rule:  If there is alcohol abuse or drug use by your spouse, or violence, move out.   For more information about this or other divorce topics, call one of the divorce lawyers at ROBIN ROSHKIND, P.A. at 561-835-9091 or click on the Firm’s web site at

Domestic violence and abuse in marriage and divorce.

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

Divorce is seeing the best people at their worst.  Tempers flare, anger raises its ugly head.  Spouses go at each other, forgetting they once, maybe, were in love when they walked down the isle.  A shrink once said “feelings change”.  That is still no excuse for physical or mental abuse of any kind.

If you are the perpetrator, you are probably very sorry after you come to your senses and calm down.  Or worse, find yourself in jail, on probabtion,  or at a mandatory anger management class.  If you are the victim, you are probably very sorry if you provoked such anger or did nothing at all to provoke it. 

In either case, perpetrator or victim, there is sadness, failure, trauma.  You both need psychological counseling immediately, and not together.  More often than not, abuse cycles. 

What is the legal recourse?  First, safety for the victim, the children, the pet.  Then instead of going back into the relationship, get out, via divorce.  Things will not get better.  It could be just a matter of time before they get worse.  I am a lawyer not a psychologist, but I have seen enough in my law practice to say: what went wrong the first time will always and still be wrong.  Even with counseling, your chances are slim to none to put back together what you had before the violence or abuse.  Where there is no respect, there can be no marriage. 

For the victim: don’t be a sitting duck.  Duck out.  For the perpetrator: get counseling and get on with your life.  

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