Divorce and the holidays…what is right for you?

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

Shoud you file for divorce before the year is out?  There are two ways to look at that question.  First, if your marriage is on the rocks, are you able to stick it out as an intact family until after the holidays?  Staying together for the sake of the kids plays heavily in this decision.  But obviously, if domestic violence, alcoholism, and drug abuse is part of the marriage, why suffer through the holidays, why wait any longer? 

Or, the other way to look at that question is as follows:  if you file for divorce before the holidays, you get somewhat of a fresh start to the New Year even if the divorce won’t be final for several months. 

The choice is a very personal one.  It also depends upon the circumstances, the family entanglement, finances. and one’s tolerance level during the holidays, which is normally a stressful time for anyone anyway.  Add that together with the current economic conditions, and the answer may come clear to you.

As a divorce lawyer, I never encourage anyone to divorce without seriously thinking the matter through.   If you want to know your rights, options and alternatives, click on the law firm’s website at www.familylawwpb.com or consult with one of the attorneys at Robin Roshkind, P.A. by calling for an appointment at 561-835-9091.