Who Should Be On Your Divorce Team?

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida
If you are going through a divorce, you have lots of experts giving you great guidance, advice, and opinions: your BFF, your next door neighbor who heard or saw all the fuss, your mother, your co-workers, your hairdresser.  But the team you really need on your side consists of professionals who are well versed in dealing with divorce issues.

You should first consider who you hire as a DIVORCE LAWYER.  Be sure there is a open line of communication and confidence, and no personality conflicts.  Second in line should be your SHRINK.   This professional will help you get through the stress and emotions of separation, divorce, and transitioning to an individual.  Next comes your FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT.  This team member is the number cruncher who traces money and assets, both obvious and hidden.  Then there is the PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR.  This professional tracks down a carousing, partying spouses, who may or may be spending substantial money on a paramour.  They also get the goods on drinkers and drug users.

Lastly, comes your KEY WITNESSES:  teachers, babysitters, friends with children who play with yours, medical professionals, or police officers who had to come investigate domestic violence, if any, and any other witnesses who can help your cause.

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What to do if you do not want a divorce.

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

In the state of Florida, if one spouse files for divorce, the other spouse does not have a choice in the matter…a divorce is imminent.  However, if one spouse wants a divorce and the other does not, there are certain actions to take PRIOR TO your spouse filing for divorce.

!.  Trial separation.  Often “time off” gives both spouses a chance to see what it is like and to think about living separate and apart.  You both may decide this is not a good idea.

2.  Marriage counseling.  This can be combined with a separation to see if it is really what the divorcing spouse wants.  Sometimes marriage counselors help couples work through their differences and reconciliation is the result.

3.  Confide in family and friends.  Sometimes they can “talk” to the spouse who wants out of the marriage.

4.  Try a new job or new location.  Moving into a new setting for the marriage may take the pressure off. 

5.  If all else fails, think back to the time when you first got married.  Try together to re instate the situation or circumstances that brought you together in the first place.

Barring a reconciliation, if a spouse decides to seek a divorce, the handwriting is on the wall.  Protect  yourself by seeking legal counsel.

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