Liars, and Cheaters and Fraud…Oh My!

by Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

I once heard a divorce court judge address a courtroom full of lawyers, husbands and wives, court reporters and spectators, and what he said will never leave my memory…he said something to the effect that, this is divorce court.. everyone is lying.

Appraisers can place valuations of heirlooms to real estate to benefit the party who hires them…accountants can make the numbers say anything they want to…lawyers can interpret statutes and case law from their ownone sided  perspectives…financial affidavits of husbands and wives generally and regretably leave something off the asset column.  One can conclude divorce court is not an exact science.

So how do you reconcile the difficulties of litigation?  The first and best answer is to stay out of court.  At least in settlement talks the parties can determine their own destinies, like it or not.  The next best step is zealous advocacy.  Hire professionals who really on are your side and are dedicated to doing the best job possible for you.  This includes the accountant, the lawyer, the appraiser, the shrink, and private eye and anyone else you need to rely upon for zealous advocacy.

Lastly, you must not have personality conflicts involved in your case.  If you are not comfortable with your “team” do something about it before it is too late.  You can always change attorneys, CPAs, shrinks, etc.

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What happens if you can’t agree to agree at mediation?

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

You filed divorce papers.  Your spouse has responded.  Pleadings are closed and financial discovery is complete.  It’s time to go to mediation here in Palm Beach County courts.  But what happens if you and your spouse just can’t agree to the terms of your divorce at mediation?

One of the attorneys will set a temporary relief hearing before the judge to determine on a temporary basis who pays for what, when, how much, and where the children will live, child support amounts and other details, pending a trial.  So if mediation does not resolve the disputed issues between the husband and the wife, one this court order is in place, it is time to prepare for trial.

This is where divorce litigation gets expensive.  It is time to bring in the experts, whether it is an accountant, an appraiser, a real estate agent, a psychologist, the child’s teacher, etc.  Testimony will be taken in depositions, and at trial.  Exhibits and evidence will be prepared.  And the judge will decide what is to become of the family.

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