Depositions…what is that and how to prepare.

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

What is a deposition and how do you prepare for one?  A deposition is live discovery.  What that means is that the opposing party can ask you any question that will lead to relevant information about your financial situation, relationship with your children, domestic violence in the home, what medications you are prescribed but don’t take, and just about anything else.  And yes, you do have to answer, or if not, the judge will rule on whether or not you have to answer and whether or not to tax you attorneys fees for having to have this hearing on whether or not you have to answer.

The only questions you really don’t have to answer involve criminal activity or attorney client, or spousal or physician  privileged information.

In our office we often video tape our taking of depositions, because that way we can see a squirm or grimace.  Sometimes that is more telling than the answer to the question.

To prepare for a deposition, know your finances and your situation.  Be aware of your body language.  And no, you can’t be coached by your attorney before you answer a question.

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