Meddling In Laws and Your Divorce

Meddling In Laws and Your Divorce.

Loan vs. Gift…Another Big Divorce Issue.

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

Oftentimes, when a marriage is beginning or is intact, parents of one or the other spouse offers to buy the couple a house, or assist with a home  purchase by giving them the necessary funds.  Years later, when a divorce is imminent, the son or daughter who received the funds often claims in divorce papers that the money was a loan, meant to be paid back to the parents.  The issue is whether this money was a loan or a gift to the marriage.

Obviously if it was a bona fide loan, a promissory note is the evidence.  Also, years of payments or attempts made to repay the loan is evidence.  Barring that, the argument is strong, that it was a gift to the couple and became a marital asset in the house.

Upon the divorce, if it was a bona fide loan, the couple repays the parents prior to splitting any net sale proceeds.  If it is a gift, the parents recoup nothing and the spouses just spit the proceeds upon the sale of the marital home. 

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