Can you date during divorce?

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By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West palm Beach, Florida

The divorce papers are filed.  You are even living separately.  But you are still married.  Can you date, start a new relationship, have sex while the divorce is pending?

The answer depends upon which state you live in.  Marriage laws, adultery laws, palimony laws are state specific.  I am licensed to practice law in Florida, so I can only address the laws of the State of Florida.

In Florida,  once divorce papers are filed, and even before, yes you can…date, have sex, be involved.  Florida is a no fault state.  If your spouse feels “cheated on” the legal recourse is divorce.  No questions asked.  But here is the danger:  If you do anything in front of the children which will detrimentally harm them, you might suffer the consequences of less time sharing with your children. 

Children are having a hard enough time…

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