What Type Of Divorce Will You Have? Part 3 With Children

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By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

When a couple has children, that makes any divorce that  much more difficult.  There are a host of additional issues to consider including child support, time sharing, travel expense, shared parental responsbility, health insurance, medical and dental issues,  schooling and extra curricular activities, clothing and equipment, homework, special needs children, tax benefits, computers, cell phones, religion.

Because of the amount of issues existing when it comes to children,  it is highly unlikely that a couple will agree to everything without legal or psychological assistance, or court intervention.  In my practice,  I have settled many cases involving children.  But it is not an easy feat.

Parents needs to realize that they are basically joined at the hip even after they move out and on with their own lives.  They ideally should have a united front so that the kids don’t play one parent against the…

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