Legal Fees and Divorce: What is reasonable?

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By Robin Roshkind, Esquire – West Palm Beach, Florida

Many people call my office and the first question they ask is “How much will my divorce cost?”  The answer is, IT DEPENDS.  Let me explain:

When one spouse wants to settle the matter and the other does not, this type of divorce becomes expensive because it involves preparation for a full blown trial.  You or I cannot control the other party’s attorney or spouse.  That is why most divorce lawyers work hourly using hourly rates. 

On the other hand, where both parties agree to stay out of court and settle their disputes like adult business men and women, without the anger, without the vindictiveness, and without emotional complications, these types of divorces are certainly less expensive.  And less stressful. 

So what is reasonable?  In my divorce practice, I have settled cases for $3,500 up to $15,000.  The range is due…

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