What Is Temporary Relief In Divorce Actions In Florida?

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by Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

Temporary relief can be obtained by agreement of the parties that is reduced to a court order, or by a mini trial before the judge in Palm Beach County Family Court.  The issues to be decided in temporary relief are primarily support and time sharing with children.  Support includes temporary alimony and child support, especially if a spouse has cut you off.   Division of assets and debts is not generally a temporary relief issue unless marital assets need to be partially distributed to pay the attorneys.

Temporary relief is a mini trial that occurs AFTER a mediation in an attempt to settle the issues of temporary support and time sharing.  Child support, alimony, time sharing and attorneys fees are the main temporary relief issues.  Other temporary relief issues can include who pays for which household bills, credit cards,  and medical expenses…

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