What Is A Short Term Marriage And What Is The Legal Significance?


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By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

Marriages fall into several categories and depending upon the category, there are legal ramifications.  A marriage can be short term, middle of the road or long term.

In Palm Beach County, Florida, a short term marriage is approximately 1 to 5 years as defined by the case law.   If a spouse is seeking alimony support, the fact that the marriage is short term may work against that spouse.   Also, with regard to prenuptial agreements, if a marriage ends in the short term, a spouse may be better off without a prenuptial agreement than if there is one giving the other spouse a pay out.  In short term marriages, alimony is rarely given by the court, especially where the requesting spouse is employed or employable.

In 5 to 13 year marriages, this is called a gray area, and alimony awards depend…

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