How To Raise Funds To Pay For A Divorce

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by Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

You have heard the expression:  “Expensive, but worth it.”  That also applies to a divorce.  You may have been in a miserable marriage for years;  you may feel stuck;  money may be tight; but if you’ve honestly tried everything, and divorce is the only way out, it may be the best money you ever spent.

In hiring a divorce team, which could include a forensic accountant, a divorce lawyer, a marriage counselor, a vocational evaluator, a custody evaluator, an appraiser, and other “experts”, you may have to come up with quite a cash stash.  Here are some ideas for raising funds for a divorce:

1.  Use cash value of your life insurance policy.

2.  Take a loan from your IRA or 401K. 

3.   Sell some stock.

4.   Sell some jewelry or watches.

5.   Take a second mortgage on your home or other…

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