How To Stop Paying Alimony in Florida

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By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

The divorce is final…the judge signed the decree.  Either you have a marital settlement agreement or a final decree, the terms of which were decided by the judge.  If you are court ordered to pay alimony to your former spouse, there are several ways you can get out of this obligation, but you will have to let a reasonable amount of time pass first.

To modify a court order, there must be a substantial, material change of circumstances since the date the judge signed the order.  Below is a list of such examples that warrant a modification of your alimony obligation:

1.  Your former spouse got married.

2.  Your former spouse is in a supportive relationship, being financially supported by another.

3.  You have lost your job.

4.  Your spouse won the lottery, inherited a bundle or otherwise came into a windfall.

5.  You…

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