Divorce Now, Settle Later…It is possible!

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

In Palm Beach County divorce cases, it is possible to file for and get a divorce decree, and then to settle all the property issues at another and later time.  This is done by a divorce lawyer by filing a motion to bifurcate the case and the court subsequently entering an order approving a bifurcation.

Why would someone want to divorce now and settle up later?  One reason would be to not have other divorce issues be held hostage by the divorce itself.  For example, if a party is going for full custody of a child, by bifurcating the matter to settle the custody issue first, the other party cannot “trade” custody for some other marital asset.  Another reason to bifurcate and get the divorce first, is to remarry.  If there is a baby on the way, for example, a party may want to be free to remarry before the birth.  Since division of assets and debts may take some time in litigation, and with evidence needed, at least the divorce is granted so the party is free to remarry.  

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