You’ve Gotten A Divorce But You’re Still Stuck With Your Ex?

by Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

One advantage certain couples have, is that once the divorce is final, both parties can go their separate ways without interference from the other.  They never have to see each other again; they never have to talk to each other again… about anything.  That is unless they are sharing a business,  a dog, or children.

If a divorcing couple has any of the above, they are in it together for the next number of years until the children reach the age of majority, the business folds or is bought out, or the dog dies. Along with child support, shared parental responsibility and time sharing, which keeps the two of of tied together,  the focus today is on co parenting.

Co parenting can be very difficult, especially if the former husband and former wife just don’t see eye to eye.  An exaggerated example: The kids get to eat candy in one home, while in the other they are forced to do homework.  This is an example of a typical dilemma co parents face all the time: different co parenting styles.  The best advice is to live and let live, unless there is some detriment to the children.  Pick your battles wisely.

Even so, children hone in on certain things, and usually can figure out how to play one parent against the other.  Remember, you are the adults.  You should wise up to this ploy and work together for the best interests of your children.  For more information about this or other divorce topics, call one of the divorce lawyers at ROBIN ROSHKIND, P.A. at 561 835 9091 or click on the Firm’s web site at for more information.


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