Do You Have Right To Keep Husband’s Name in Divorce Proceedings

by Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

Divorce brings many changes, financial, emotional, and physical.  Two areas of testimony at final hearing in Palm Beach County divorces are as follows:

1) The judge will ask if the wife is pregnant.  This is to protect any unborn child of the marriage.  Once the birth takes place, medical care and child support will have to be instituted by court order.

2) The judge will also have to ask if the wife wants her name prior to the marriage to be restored.  It is up to the WIFE not the husband, as to whether or not she keeps her married name after the divorce is final.

In some cases where there is a famous name involved, or a high asset divorce, the husband may negotiate a price or reimbursement to the wife to drop the name.  It is again her choice.  There is no law in the state of Florida that requires the wife to change her name.

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