What IS A Motion To Withdraw?

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

Often a client will want to settle a divorce case because to litigate is very expensive.  If the other spouse does not want to settle, however, no settlement is possible.  Clients run out of litigation funds for their attorneys.  In that case, they will have to finish the matter on their own or “pro se”, i.e. without counsel.  Where misunderstandings come in, is that a client cannot simply direct a lawyer to STOP.  A lawyer is an attorney of record with responsibility to continue with the representation until a judge orders or allows the lawyer to get off the case.  This requires the lawyer to file a motion to withdraw from the representation and go to a court hearing where the judge will decide whether or not to allow the lawyer to get off the case.

This depends upon whether or not there is a trial pending, or any other action at the present time pending such as a mediation or motion hearings.  If the case is languishing, a lawyer will be allowed to withdraw, but this has to be by court order.  Until such order is entered, the client will continue to have representation whether they want it or not and they will have to pay for it as well.

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