Divorce Is A Very Confusing Time

ByRobin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

During divorce proceedings, some people remain living together and others separate.  In either case, it is difficult to tell people how to behave toward each other.  Should you be cordial if you run into each other at the grocery store or at a party?  Should you check in to let the other person know what time you will be home?  Should you fill up the cars with gas like you always used to do?

Aside from the legal aspects of the divorce, and the ongoing household bills and conversations about the children, how one conducts oneself is often debateable.  In my divorce practice, we settle more than 70% of our cases.  So where the husband and the wife are still residing together, I often tell my clients to be calm,  cordial and business like.   This helps with settlement negotiations.  Leave the emotions out the front door if possible.  Surprisingly, many couples can do this, because they have lived together for so long under undesireable conditions, that by the time they are in divorce court, they both just want to get it over with. 

Dating and telephone calls, messages and texting from outsiders is another area of divorce etiquette that is really up to the individual parties as to how to maintain them.   One thing is for sure:  if you want to amicably settle divorce issues, don’t purposefully embarass your spouse.  Don’t intentionally aggravate human emotions of jealously, rivalry, territorial instincts, abandonment and the like.  It is easier to settle a divorce case without stirring the pot.

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