During A Divorce, How Do Husband’s and Wives Communicate?

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

In the divorce process, there is alot to discuss:  what will be the living arrangements pending the proceedings; how will the family finances be managed; what happens to the kids.  Sometimes divorcing couples can work things out.  Sometimes the answers to questions are met with “talk to my lawyer”.

Theoretically, the husband and wife have a obligation to talk to each other ONLY where the welfare of their children is concerned.  Pick up and drop off at school, homework, dentist visits, after school activities, are ok to be discussed between husband and wife if they can be civil.  Division of division of household furniture, paying off credit card bills, making the monthly mortgage payment, who is going to take the dog to the vet and pay for it, those types of conversations are best had between counsels.

It is not appropriate for the husband to discuss issues with the wife’s attorney if he is represented by an attorney himself and vice versa.  Where attorneys are representing the parties, these financial issues and more are best left to discussion between attorneys so they keep informed about what is going on and can better advise their clients.

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