Valentine’s Day A Sad Day For Those In Bad Marriage Or Love Relationship!

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

Chocolates, flowers, jewelry…ahhh Hollywood…If you are in a bad marriage or love relationship this Valentine’s Day,  know that other people are too.  Look around a roomful of married couples and at least half of those marrieds are headed to divorce court at some point.  Current statistics show that 51% of first marriages end in divorce, and it gets much, much higher for second and third marriages. 

Going to a restaurant or country club with your spouse for a romantic Valentine’s Day?  Half of those couples you will see are not having sex tonight.  They may look celebratory and happy, but truth is, marriages are failing all around you whether you know it or not.  In my practice, I see couples who have not had sex in YEARS.

If you are uncomfortable with these facts, you should be.  It is not a pleasant subject to consider.  As a divorce lawyer, I deal with it for a living every day.   As one who sees too much misery in people’s lives, I have the best advice I can give anyone, whether they are the husband or the wife:   take some control back over your life.  Stop being reactionary and start being pro active.  Stop the misery…Life is just too short!

If you are thinking about getting divorced in Palm Beach County, Florida, educate yourself as to your rights and options, and the divorce process in Palm Beach County.  Call one of the divorce lawyers at ROBIN ROSHKIND, P.A. at 561 835 9091 or click on the Firm’s web site at for more information.  We can help you get some clarity.

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