How To Stop Paying Alimony in Florida

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

The divorce is final…the judge signed the decree.  Either you have a marital settlement agreement or a final decree, the terms of which were decided by the judge.  If you are court ordered to pay alimony to your former spouse, there are several ways you can get out of this obligation, but you will have to let a reasonable amount of time pass first.

To modify a court order, there must be a substantial, material change of circumstances since the date the judge signed the order.  Below is a list of such examples that warrant a modification of your alimony obligation:

1.  Your former spouse got married.

2.  Your former spouse is in a supportive relationship, being financially supported by another.

3.  You have lost your job.

4.  Your spouse won the lottery, inherited a bundle or otherwise came into a windfall.

5.  You have a severe pay cut.

6.  If you run your own business, you are out of business, or your business is failing.

7.  You got sick or injured and can’t work.

8.  Your former spouse is earning money now and wasn’t at the time of final judgment.

There are other situations warranting the termination or modification of your alimony obligation.  Each case is different, so consult a divorce lawyer at ROBIN ROSHKIND, P.A. at 561 835 9091 for more information or click on the Firm’s web site at


10 thoughts on “How To Stop Paying Alimony in Florida

  1. The Perminent Periodic Alimony was set up to pay for COBRA. My ex is now 65 and on MEDICARE which reduced Healthcare costs from 1200 Per Month to $270.85.Would this be a Substabntial Change in Circumstances?

  2. I was i a 27 year marriage, finalized in mediation I got stuck with 800+ alimoney for 7 years.
    eventhogh home was upside down by about 50K the note was unde her name i was recommended I do a quick claim deed to her which i did

    After giving her the 800+ / month I end up with less take home pay than she does what are the chances of going back to court and
    getting the alimoney reduced i would even be satisfied ifonly reduced tothe point where our take home is = she kept the house and EVERYTHING in it except my clothes and tools why should I live a lower life style, should it not be equal..

    • If your alimony is more than 50% of your net monthly income, you can go back to court for a modification in the state of Florida.

  3. Alimoney is not 50% of net but it does bring her life style and net income above mine, the net difference between both salaries was $600
    my thought was at worst case it should have made both salaries equal.

    The court system says to maintain the current life style as I said what about my lifestyle it has suffered drasticaly as im trying to put my life together i cant even buy a home because what is allowed by banks is about 28% of your salary towards a mortgage this means i cant purchase anything where the payment exceeds 700 month principal, interest, insurance and taxes.
    This is like being a slave i have to pay her for 6 more years at age 63
    i wont be interested in buying anything.
    this is affecting my personal life, mental and emotional state being a slave for 6 more years.

  4. Divorce has been final for 2 years now. Wife was awarded lifetime alimony, she was not working at the time. She is currently working now at a full time job. Could I use this as a major change to reduce the amount of Alimony I pay her monthly.

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