Child Support and Visitation May Be Related

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

In my practice, I often get this question:  If he does not pay his child support, do I have to give him time sharing with the kids?  The answer is YES.  One has nothing to  do with the other.  The remedy for non payment of child support is contempt of court for failing to obey a court order.

On the other hand, child support and time sharing with the children ARE related in terms of amount of time and amount of child support.  If the time sharing arrangement offers 40% or more time sharing to a parent that parent pays less in child support because he/she has the child more than the guideline amount and should have additional funds for the additional time that parent has with the child.  If that parent does not then exercise his/her allotted time sharing, then the other parent can go back into court for a modification of that parent’s child support obligation upward.

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