How To Introduce Your New Boyfriend/Girlfriend To Your Children

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

It happens so often that the marriage breaks because of a boyfriend or girlfriend in the shadows.  Now that you are in divorce court, the cat is often let out of the bag.  The husband or wife has a new love and inevitably, that paramour will be introduced to the children.

How you do that can be damaging to the well being and mental health of your kids.  Know that all children want their parents back together in an ideal world.  They don’t want to have to call a stranger mommy or daddy, although you would be surprised at how often children are forced to do this.

Children need time to adjust to the divorce, to having two households, to having two sets of toys, books, etc.  If you force a new love onto your children, there could be rejection and resentment, including tantrums and acting out in school.  The best way to deal with a new relationship and your kids, is to take it slowly, and reassure the children at every opportunity that you love them.

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