The Emotions Of Divorce.

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

Divorce is an emotional state, whether you are the one who wants to divorce or you are the one who is not wanting to divorce.

The emotions associated with divorce are sometimes more severe if you are the one who does not want to divorce.  When a spouse puts out this information to the other spouse, the first emotion may be SHOCK.  How many times have your heard divorcing friends say they never realized anything was wrong with the marriage.

After shock, comes DISBELIEF.  How could someone close to you do this to you. Then comes DENIAL.  It can’t be happening.  Maybe marriage counseling will work.   When it suddenly sinks in that this is imminent, then comes ANGER.  Why did we not work on the marriage.  How did it get to this point.  It’s his/her fault!

Anger tends to last for awhile.  But when anger fades, RESIGNATION or loss of hope settles in.  Now you realize what you have to face.

Resignation or loss of hope may turn into VINDICTIVENESS.  Or a “get even” approach to divorce.  This may become an ugly divorce.  Or an expensive one because of the litigation involved.

As time wears on, and the process is completed, each spouse will get on with their lives.  In extreme cases, where post traumatic stress syndrome sets in, spouses can walk around for years feeling these bad emotions. This happens most often where there are young children at the time of divorce, and the parties have to stay in contact for a number of years following the divorce.

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