The Emotions Of Divorce, Part II.

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

If you are the spouse who is initiating the divorce, the emotions you experience can be quite different than those feelings if you are the spouse who does not want to divorce.

A spouse who finally gets up the nerve to announce he/she wants a divorce, feels a huge sense of RELIEF.  They have been miserable for a long time and are finally doing something about it.  Along with this sense of relief may come feelings of  GUILT.  A person who f eels guilt is really sorry about doing this but has to divorce to survive.   Guilt may cause ANXIETY, because he/she is not sure he/she is strong enough to see the divorce through without changing his/her mind.

The divorcing spouse may also feel BLAME because he/she took the step to break up the marriage or family.      Then DEFENSIVE is the next emotion, because there has to be some rationalization to this  action.

Ultimately, the divorcing spouse will either feel it was the right choice or the wrong choice.  If it was the right choice, then SATISFACTION and peace will set in.  If it was the wrong choice, then MISTAKE, guilt or being hard on oneself for being stupid will result.

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