What Happens If You Disobey Court Orders.

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

When a final judgment of divorce is signed by the judge and entered by the court on the record,  it is an enforceable court order.  If you and your spouse signed a marital settlement agreement, it is attached and becomes part of the final judgment.

Final judgments of divorce do the following:

Transfer property, divide bank accounts, order one or the other spouse to pay certain bills, award household furnishings, artwork and the like;  orders provide child support, alimony, tax benefits, attorneys fees.

So what happens if one or the other spouse does not do what he/she is supposed to do under the directive of the court order?  The innocent spouse has to take an affirmative step in the court system to file a motion to enforce the court order, or a motion for contempt of court.

These motions result in a court hearing where the wrongdoing spouse can testify and put forth his/her affirmative defenses, if any.  The matter can be resolved by the judge offering up a time plan in which to perform, or an abatement of the obligation for a time certain, or the court may find the wrongdoer in willful contempt.  A time to correct the omission is given, and if not satisfied, then a commitment hearing will be set to show cause as to why this person should not be incarcerated.   Willful contempt exists when a person has the ability to perform under the court order, but just doesn’t want to.  This behavior is contemptuous and courts do not take it lightly.

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