The Legal Technicalities of Fighting for Custody.

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

The law on children and custody battles in the State of Florida is the best interests of the child.  What exactly does that mean when you have to present your case to the judge?

It might mean getting your child a lawyer of his/her own.  Or a guardian ad litem, a friend of the child, to testify in the courtroom for the child.  Or having a psychologist testify as an expert witness as to what is in the best interest of the child of this marriage.  Or bringing in the teachers, coaches, or school principal into court as witnesses.

Depositions and transcripts of “good mommy” or “good daddy” witnesses may be taken.  Is there always food in the house?  Do  you let your children play with these children?  Are there sleep overs and trips to the zoo?  Do these children exhibit unacceptable behavior?  There are a million questions and answers to determine which parent is the “better” parent.

To alleviate some of the litigation, the courts have taken on “time sharing” to replace “custody”.  But some parents are just unfit.  Abandonment, neglect, abuse, criminal behavior, drug use, partying til all hours, drunk driving, are just some of the issues that testimony and evidence cover in determining the best interests of the child in court.

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