You may need a divorce TEAM to play your hand…

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

The divorce process can be more complex than most people think especially when there are children and lots of debts or assets to “discuss”.  Other factors that complicate a case is domestic abuse, hidden money, affairs, mental illness, drug or sex addiction, alcoholism, gambling, income producing real estate, time shares, a business, and frequent flyer miles. 

Divorce cases that have multiple issues are best tried with a team behind you.  The team can include a CPA to trace assets, evaluate businesses, determine real income; a psychologist or THERAPIST to determine what is in the best interests of the children, or to help you deal with the pressures of divorce; a PSYCHIATRIST for extreme cases of addictions, bi polar behavior, and medications; a trained MEDIATOR to facilitate settlement negotiations; a TAX ADVISOR to project tax ramifications of settlement offers;  an INSURANCE PROFESSIONAL to guarantee support payments; a FINANCIAL PLANNER or investment advisor to help you get back on your feet after divorce;  a REALTOR to list or appraise the marital home;  an APPRAISER to value jewelry, artwork, antiques; and of course, your DIVORCE LAWYER to guide you through the court system and the entire process legally. 

Not all cases require all professionals and every case is different.  But when people ask me why a divorce is so expensive, it is because various expert witnesses are needed at a trial, or in preparation for settlement talks.  It is much better to have THE TEAM on your side than to go up against one.

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