The ugliest divorce…

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

What kinds of issues does the ugliest divorce include?  I thought I would take a divorce to its extreme to show all of those people out there how good an amicable divorce can be.

Here is what the ugliest divorce looks like:

1.  The husband earns much more money than the wife.

2.  He is self employed and has the ability to hide income, maybe even offshore.

3.  The wife was a stay at home mom without any marketable skills and just a high school or college education.

4.  The wife relied upon the husband to take care of the family finances and does not really know anything or where the assets and debts are.

5.  The children have health issues and need extra care and money.

6.  The wife has no money or resoures of her own.

7.  The husband has traditionally paid all the household bills and controls all the funds.

8.  The husband is verbally and physically abusive.

9.  He is also a gambler and a drunk and has a girlfriend.

10.  He spends time away from home with the girlfriend and her kids, and maybe they even have a child on the way.  He  supports her, spending a lot of marital funds on her for her condo and car and jewelry.  She has more than the wife in her name only.

11.  The wife is driven to drink or drugs and has a DUI.

12.  She trashed her husband’s office while he was out of town with the other woman.  He stole her jewelry as revenge.

These facts make up the divorce from hell.  If you recognize yourself here, please come in to see me so we can do some divorce planning. 

For more information about these issues or other divorce topics, please call one of the attorneys at the Firm at 561-835-9091 or click on the ROBIN ROSHKIND, P.A. web site at  And call immediately for a consultation appointment.


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