The Psychological Cycles of Divorce. A helpful guide for your understanding.

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

Deciding to get married is easy.  Deciding to divorce is a much more difficult exercise.  In the State of Florida, if one spouse seeks a divorce, generally, the other spouse has no say in the matter.

So if you are on the receiving end of “I want a divorce”, here are the cycles that you may go through:

1.  Denial.  You may not yet realize what is happening, or if you do, you have hopes of getting the marriage back on track

2.  Anger.  Once you realize this is for real, you get angry.  How could your spouse do this?

3.  Guilt.  The next step is to think it is something that you have done to ruin the marriage.  You blame yourself for the breakup.

4.  Depression.  You go through a sadness stage.  You may lose or gain weight; have sleepless nights; anxiety attacks; crying bouts; chronic fatigue.

5.  Forgiveness.  You realize what is going to be and you start to forgive your spouse and yourself.

6.  Acceptance.  You are beginning to plan your future.

7.  Recovery.  You are ready to move forward into the future.

There also may be physcial ramifications of each of these stages.  Your immune system may be effected and you may be susceptible to colds.  You may find yourself hyperventilating with an anxiety attack.  You may feel tired all the time.  Overwhelmed with divorce paper work.  You may be unable to focus and concentrate.

You may find yourself forgetful, scattered, confused.

If you find yourself unable to cope with the divorce process, seek professional assistance in a marriage counselor and retain an attorney you have confidence in.  That will take away most of the worry.

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