New Shared Parenting Laws you need to know.

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

Florida statutes talked about shared parental responsibility.  The meaning behind it included things like keeping the other parent informed of the whereabouts of the children, allowing children to communicate with the other parent by unlimited telephone or internet access, informing the other parent of any medical emergencies, no disparagement or alienation of affection of the other parent and things that required joint decision making.  Violations of this statute were to be brought to the court’s attention and the most severe recourse was a change in custody.

Florida laws also talked about custody and visitation.  One parent was the primary residential parent and the other was the “visiting” parent. 
With new statutes, the law now talks about SHARED PARENTING.  More specifically, custody and parental responsibility is now a parenting plan, and visitation is now time sharing.

For reference, see Florida Statute 61.046(13) through my web site at

The statute combines parental decision making with time sharing schedules, in the best interests of the children.  If the parents cannot come to agreement on the issues or the parenting plan, then the court will have to micro manage the children.   The parenting plan takes into consideration the reorganization of families to try to reduce post dissolution arguments. 

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