Court room behavior can influence your case!

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire, West Palm Beach, Florida

How you handle yourself in the court room, your demeanor, behavior, can and will most definitely influence the outcome of your case.  Why?  Because judges are human.  And they see divorce cases all day long day in day out.

So here are some tips for dealing with the divorce case in the court room:

1.  Stay calm,  and in control no matter what.

2. Don’t make faces, grunt, take deep breaths, sigh, stand up if you are sitting, pound on the desk or witness stand, or make any obscene gestures, even if provoked.

3.  Don’t fidget, twirl hair, play with keys, tap your foot, pen, bite your nails or put on lipstick.  You need to be paying attention to what is happening and you don’t want to appear nervous.

4.  Do not have any outbursts, no anger, no temper tantrums, no crying.

5.  Your lawyer will give you a pad and pen.  If you must communicate with him or her, do so in writing.  Whispering is distracting and your lawyer needs to hear what is being said.

6.  Do not look at your spouse or opposing counsel.  It is safer that way to be on your best behavior and not be provoked.

7.  Show some respect for the judge  by wearing proper attire.  No shorts, jeans, cut offs, etc. 

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