Children and Florida Divorce…your behavior affects them.

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire – West Palm Beach, Florida

Children are often the victims of divorce due to the anger between two parents.  They become the pawns in the relationship between divorcing parents; they are caught in the middle and are sometimes left to fend for themselves.

Issues involving children can emcompass the following: 

1. Moving out of state:  One parent wants to prevent the other from a relationship with the child and is determined to move away.   In Florida, the law:  the best interests of the child prevails.   If the move is proven to be in the best interests of the child, the court will allow the relocation. 

2.  Fighting over the child’s time:  Especially when there are teenagers who have their own friends and agenda, kids can’t stand it when they HAVE TO go to one parent or the other instead of to soccer practice.  If it is YOUR time, or your timesharing, be flexible and consider what the child wants.

3.  One upmanship:  Don’t try to “buy” your kids or entice them with more than the other parent.  They will pit the two of you against each other.  Kids are smart and know how to take advantage of the situation.

4.  Children’s clothing, shoes, books, toys:  Kids should have these things at both parents’ homes.  It is not right for a child to have to pack PJs every time they travel between homes.

5.  Messenger service:  Your child is not your messenger between you and the spouse or ex spouse.  This is harmful.

6.  Disparaging one parent to the child:  It is common knowledge that a child sees himself as a combination of the two of you.  Don’t degrade one half of him or her.

7.  Neglect is the worst thing you can do to your child in order to hurt the the child or the other parent.  You are divorcing your spouse, not your child.  Sometimes children are forced to choose sides, and this is not healthy.

For more information about children and divorce, please go to the Firm’s web site at or call today for a consultation with one of our attorneys in West Palm Beach, Florida.   Robin Roshkind, P.A. 561-835-9091.


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