Family Law…the laws of love and hate

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire – West Palm Beach, Florida

The Florida Legislature in all its wisdom has developed many laws between people that fall into the category of family law.  What is family law?  It is the legal effects of these relationships, so I have listed each of them for you.  As you know, we can’t pick our families, so in certain instances it might be a love relationship, and in other circumstances, it could be a hate relationship.  Here’s the list of “loved” ones in the family that Florida family laws protect:

  1. blood relatives
  2. dead relatives
  3. intimate relationships of unrelated persons
  4. siblings
  5. parents
  6. children
  7. step children
  8. adopted children
  9. minor children
  10. children with special needs
  11. same sex couples
  12. husbands
  13. wives
  14. ex spouses
  15. the elderly
  16. the unborn
  17. adoptive parents
  18. grandparents
  19. guardians
  20. custodians
  21. health care surrogates

How these relationships are dealt with in the legal sense is what family law is all about.

For additional information on any of these, please call my law firm, Robin Roshkind, P.A., for a consultation (561-835-9091) or view the firm’s website at


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