There IS life after divorce

By Robin Roshkind, Esquire – West Palm Beach, Florida

When the divorce becomes final, and after the sadness/gladness sets in, there are certain things one must do at this moment in time.  Here is a suggested checklist for after the divorce:

  1. Follow the terms of the marital settlement agreement or the judge’s order.
  2. Make sure your ex does the same.  If not, you can file a motion for enforcement or contempt of court.
  3. Pay off your lawyer and pick up your file.  You probably have some original documents there.
  4. Purge yourself of all signs and memories of him/her.
  5. Get out of town for a rest and a change of scenery.
  6. While on vacation, focus on your future and set new goals.
  7. Learn a new sport, take up a new hobby, get a massage at a spa and be good to yourself.
  8. Pay attention to your children.  Remember they are going through adjustments as well.
  9. Meet new people…you are free!

For additional information, please call my law firm, Robin Roshkind, P.A., for a consultation (561-835-9091) or visit the firm’s website at


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